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Steel Scrap

Steel is considered as the valuable feedstock for yielding plenty of new products made from products. It is also called a distinct material as it is usually made from the recycled one. With each passing year, tonnes of steel is recycled by steel mills for manufacturing better and new products. Taking this aspect into consideration, we offer Steel Scrap to the steel mills for enhancing their yield and reducing the cost of production by saving a lot of energy, that otherwise would have been used for obtaining the new material for carrying out the process of production. The recycling of Steel Scrap is an essential requirement for maintaining the quality of the goods produced using these scrap. This also reduces the contamination that may stem from other metals. Our offered range of scrap is available in variety of steel of recovering its purest form after the process of recycling.

Benefits of Using Steel Scrap:

  • Artistic Uses: As the decorative items made using scrap metal offers a distinct style of art, they find usage in the making of sculptures for using them as pieces of art for decorating places.
  • Home Furnishing: the furniture made using recycled metal not only renders durability but beauty that enhances the interior of the homes.
  • Industrial Usage: used in construction industry for making bridges, flyovers, roads and highways.
  • Preserves environment: Minimizes air, water and soil pollution by reducing the size of landfill.