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Aluminium Shavings
While carrying out the metal processes, one of the most common generated waste are the Aluminum Shavings. These are generally obtained by carrying out the operations of grinding and milling. Our offered shavings are vended for recycling so that new products can be created using them. Available in uniform sizing for their easy storage and usage.

Aluminum Ingots
Aluminum Ingots are the material that are formed using the process of smelting. In this process, the material is cast into the desired shape, which is suitable for the further processing. We use high quality aluminum scrap is used for making these ingots in different grades for finding usage in various electrical and automobile applications.
Non Ferrous Metals Scrap
Scraps of metal originate in both residential and business environments and contaminates the soil, water and air when dumped in landfills. Taking this aspect into consideration, we offer Non Ferrous Metal Scrap that can be reuses several times for producing better metal products. Recycling these scrap not only preserves energy, nature and time, but minimizes the amount of waste produced, resulting in better surroundings.

Aluminium Furnace
Our offered Aluminum Furnace has been engineered using top quality aluminum that features indexing kind of design. This furnace can be gas heated or using electricity and the availability of re-circulation fans helps in ensuring the uniformity of temperature. Moreover, the presence of agitators in quench tank ensures the uniform quenching.
Baling Machine
Baling Machine, also known as Baler is considered as a recycling machine that minimizes the size of waste material by using compression force of hydraulic cylinder. It helps in converting the waste products such as drums, PET bottles, computer shells, chaffs, rice husk, aluminum cans, cartons, fabric, cotton seeds and many more into regular shaped bales.
Niton Analyser
Niton Analyzer is the best solution for conducting non-destructive testing and achieving exceptional results within seconds of exploration, analysis of metal and mining. It is also used for the recycling of scrap metal along with its fabrication and casting. The mentioned analyzer is suitable for the applications that require high sample throughput and detect lower limits by rendering 10 times faster measurement times, in comparison to the traditional analyzers.

Steel Scrap Shredder
The need for reusing the waste material has given rise to the Steel Scrap Shredder, as it offers a technique in which overhead expenses can be easily reduced. During the process of shredding, the one can easily control the elements to ensure that all the waste products are finely shredded.

Radio Active Tester
Our offered Radioactive Tester offers simple but highly sensitive operations with a broad range of detectable frequency. The mentioned tester helps in detecting the power of electromagnetic radiations around electric wires, equipments used in industries and household appliances. It is available with three semi-liquid crystal display that can show maximum reading up to 1999.
Steel Scrap
The reuse of Steel Scrap helps in emphasizing the circular economy, where people can reap the benefits of metals for infinite number of times without comprising with its quality, reliability and durability. Moreover, using the mentioned scrap divert steel products from landfill, enabling them to be reprocessed again and again that results in conserving the raw material.
HMS Scrap Container
As the name implies, our offered Heavy Melting Scrap Container is useful for containing all the products made from wrought iron and steel. The mentioned container can be easily moved from one place to the other without making much efforts. It finds usage in almost every industrial sector that is the source of originating the scrap.