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Adc12 Aluminium Ingots

Adc12 Aluminium Ingots
Adc12 Aluminium Ingots
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Product Description

The Adc12 Aluminium Ingots processed by us are extensively valued and are manufactured from the best quality raw materials that are procured from trustworthy vendors and suppliers. Aluminium is a versatile metal. Its alloys can easily be cast in required shapes by sand, gravity and pressure. These ingots are used to fabricate LM-2, LM-4, LM-6 which are commonly used in gravity and sand casting. The Adc12 Aluminium Ingots offered by us can be availed in bulk quantities and in industry leading prices.

Casting Aluminum Ingots

Casting Aluminum Ingots are prepared by carrying out the process of fusion while refining the aluminum scrap that has been already retained using some definite installations of technology. At IMT Italia, we are engaged in the production of high quality ingots, right from the stage of recovery and recycling of the scrap metal to its refining process until the final ingot is obtained. This is done by maintaining the autonomously rational storage of the products along with their packaging while ensuring their traceability and identification.

Conserving Environment By Using Smelting Process

With the help of smelting process, aluminum scraps are processed into Aluminum Ingots. This process, not only helps in obtaining the finest quality ingots made from aluminum, but minimizes the negative effect caused on the environment, while reducing the cost of production. All this happens because the process of smelting helps in diminishing the ill effects (that may be caused by carrying out other processes) on air, water and soil.

Recycling of Aluminum

Since Aluminum does not easily lose its strength, therefore, it is quite easy to recycle it and utilize it for another production process several times. Recycling this metal also leads to the minimization of landfill waste. In comparison to the new raw material, the usage of recycled Aluminum for making ingots involves up to 95% less energy. This results in bigger savings, as manufacturing of ingots require huge amount of aluminum as a raw material. By employing this concept in our production process, IMT Italia aims to be more productive by monitoring each and every stage carefully.


Aluminum Ingots find usage in almost every sector of the industry, varying from automotive to lighting, construction to household and many more. Moreover, the mentioned product is widely used in the applications that require higher performance with better safety assurance and better durability while minimizing the emissions. Aluminum is also known as the material of choice due to its strength and environmental benefits. Its capability of being mold into different sizes and shaped, make it a highly preferred material to fulfill all the demands.


  • Long shelf life
  • Easy to process
  • Heat resistant